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Our Advantage

Our AdvantageOur clients often come to us with sophisticated financial plans, basic financial plans or no plan at all. Our experience has shown that often their plan is concentrated on certain products but not how to use those products most efficiently – they lack a real strategy.

Lucido-Morris Wealth Management is committed to a process of coordinating our client’s protection, asset, liability, and cash flow decisions to reveal the true interdependent nature of all their financial holdings.  We provide our clients a comprehensive look at their financial life along with an effective and consistent method of documenting their progress.

By exposing financial perils that threaten their financial future, addressing how those perils can be mitigated, educating them on how their current assets and cash flows can be utilized to reap multiple benefits; our clients enjoy a life of increased use and enjoyment of assets, reduced financial risks, and more flexibility and options to better adapt to the ever changing world they will live in.