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Looking For a New Opportunity?  Do you want to…Make a Difference? Be Successful? Have More Control?

Make a Difference

We have all heard the statistics and seen the real world impact that finances have on people’s lives. Unfortunately today a lot of that impact has not been positive. Our financial representatives play a major role in their client’s lives by helping them better organize and understand their personal and business finances so that our client’s will have less financial stress and ultimately enjoy more of their wealth. Our team members enjoy getting up in the morning knowing that because of the work they do somebody’s life can be forever changed for the good.

Be Successful

Those who join our team benefit from being with an organization that has the industry’s leading retention rate. Our financial representatives are two and a half times more likely to have success as compared to the industry average (8). As the result of our unique training, mentoring and joint work culture a new financial representative benefits from the collective experience of our firm. Additionally, our results proven system and philosophy which utilizes leading edge technology via Guardian’s proprietary organizational and communication tool, “The Living Balance Sheet®”, provides our financial representatives the best chance to be successful.

Have More Control

Our financial representative’s utilize their entrepreneurial spirit while benefiting from the support of our firm. As we help our client’s live a better life, the result for our financial representatives is the ability to control their income and their schedules. Additionally, our financial representatives enjoy unmatched career stability, flexibility to expand their business to meet the growing demand of our financial world or to shift their focus to new areas within the financial services industry.

Our Career Exploration Process:

How will you learn whether a career as a Financial Representative is the right one for you? Our role is to serve as career counselors for you. We will go through what we describe as our career exploration process. It is here we will determine whether this opportunity is the one which best aligns with your vision of an ideal future. Together, we will take the following steps in this process:

  • An initial discussion around your goals, motivations, and life objectives to see if we can help you achieve your career objectives.
  • Explore assessment tools that will provide you with third party feedback.
  • Meet with numerous firm associates and key management team leaders who are positioned to guide your success track.
  • Have the opportunity to sample the most important parts of the career, helping you to determine whether you are comfortable with what is required in order to build your practice.
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