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Joe Lucido - Mike MorrisFor over 35 years Lucido-Morris Wealth Management and its associates have served and assisted individuals and businesses throughout the state of Michigan in achieving tremendous financial success.

Lucido-Morris Wealth Management began when Joseph A. Lucido and Michael G. Morris established the firm for the sole purpose of serving a select group of clientele that believed in love of family and building financial stability both personally and for their businesses. Throughout the years many cultural, economic, and financial changes have occurred in the world in which we live. Despite these changes the focus and intentions of the team at Lucido-Morris Wealth Management have remained unchanged; to secure the financial future for our clients and to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their wealth. At Lucido-Morris Wealth Management we engage in an unparalleled financial process that has consistently exceeded its value to our clientele for over three decades.

How We Work With Our Clientele

Lucido-Morris Wealth Management places a tremendous level of importance on your finances as they relate to your quality of life. As trusted financial professionals, we will guide you through the complexity of the various financial decisions that you may encounter so you can have complete trust and confidence in your financial decisions.

We believe it is our obligation to build trusting lifetime relationships with our clientele by providing exceptional value through common sense investment and insurance advice. Because of our philosophy the financial management professionals at Lucido-Morris Wealth Management are passionate about delivering investment and insurance strategies that achieve breakthrough results with the least amount of risk to the client.

Our holistic approach to personal financial management and the use of industry leading tools such as The Living Balance Sheet® allow us to help you maximize and protect your wealth in an ever changing world